How much does it cost to develop a restaurant application?


Customers always wonder how much would it cost to make a iOS or android application? Best quality app development in a cost-effective way is what each & every person is asking for. App development companies are very well conscious of this fact as they have developed most of the ios and android apps for startups, entrepreneurs, and well-established companies .

Well, the most common question that everyone asks during developing an app is a cost. Being an Android app developer, I can guide you with some information that will help you to come out of the dilemma. There are various mobile app developers who are developing an outstanding mobile application for clients.

Mobile apps are offering various features including scan of the order that customer does, pay for the order and issue a virtual loyalty card for the customer, which in turn, helps them in collecting rewards. Today Mobile apps have become swifter and self-service tool for restaurants and food businesses. By using mobile apps customers can take more wise decisions of dining and track the customer’s order history, spending and rewards. Now restaurants can more connect with their customers and know their satisfaction level through the reviews and ratings.


Top features of the restaurant apps:

  • Creating menu items
  • Language specific food items can be created
  • Deals and Combo offers module
  • Special package modules
  • Deal of the week/day module
  • Coupons & Discount module
  • Showing opening and closing hours
  • Availability of food items
  • Admin control over the listings of the order
  • Table Reservation Module
  • Easy creation of new orders
  • Maintaining Dine in and take away orders
  • Easy billing and bill generation of the orders
  • Easy management of the orders with customer details


Which are the factors that influence to estimate cost for Android or iOS?

1. Application Development Team

  • UI/UX designers
  • 3-5 Android or iOS app developers
  • Admin panel developer
  • QA and testing team

2. Third-party Integration:

There are some features and functionalities that need to be integrated if we want some extended features. Example: If we want to integrate payment option then, we need to integrate the third party PayPal SDK in order to avail payment functionality.

3. API Development:

API is generally developed to access remote services in your application. Development and integration of API with your database and application include high cost.

Other affecting factors are:

  • Facebook and Social Media integration
  • In-app purchases
  • UI and UX Design
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Post-release Expenses

(The inclusion of Customized Audio, Video, Flash, and Animation etc.)

Mobile app development cost you around: $3000 to $ 11,000

Restaurant app is a very convenient solution for the customers, who want to eat tasty foods from good restaurants, but have no desire to walk or drive there, and a very good bargain for the restaurants, which thus have a chance to attract new clients without any additional marketing campaigns.

Hope this information helps you to hire best app development company at affordable cost. After all application cost depends on your demands.


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