Add impact to your content.

Ease of Language

Get easily available to the readers and impress them with world-class application when they are with your app that is exactly as described in content and get rewarded with huge audience.

Engage with Readers

Add interactive contents which bring your brand to life.Readers gets attracted by beautiful animations and transitions in your tablet app and increase engagement of readers with the contents with your content.

Convert Traffic to Subscription

App is more valuable if it have heavy traffic and additionally gets more value if traffic converts into subscription and it will be possible if you put your brand into your reader’s pockets by making the reading experience great and beautiful by news app. conversion rates.

Understand Your Readers

Advance analytics will be more appreciable by your readers.Find out what type of content is most appealing and know exactly how long a reader spends in your articles so base on such type of analysis create your content.

Notify Your Readers Easily

Provide push notification functionality to notify breaking news alerts and also newly published magazine editions which will drive heavy traffic in seconds.It will create valuable connection with your readers.

Integrate your favourite Services

Link all the publishing services you are already using into your app and make updating content on mobile.Beautiful news app having user friendly and mobile friendly features that do not require extra work. no extra work.

Power of Social Media

Integrate your app with social media platform like facebook and twitter and make sharing articles that appeal to your readers easily. Automatic logging of readers with facebook by engaging them for making comments on the same. logging in readers with Facebook.

Personalise Reading Experience

Readers are from different globally.Let readers see easily what actually they are interested in by personalising their experience with news content related photos and animations.Give readers effective way to find content they want most in your news app’s appeal.

Effectiveness of Custom Publishing Software

Featuring Video

Integrating a video with your app content can fill a gap between app and reader and they can get depth into the story. It always effective to actually show them more then to make them read.

Increment in your Brand Value

Online Shopping is a never ending trend. Enter into valuable Mobile Advertising by integrating ads in your app. Make sure your content is always better as there are web due risk of Adlock.

Accessible Content

Increase your potential for reader by being available to anyone with accessible app as reading experience is also listening experience. Build a news app that have equal functionality as VoiceOver and TalkBack.

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