How Much Does Virtual Reality Development Cost?


This overview will show you the main stages of product estimation and help you with calculating the approximate costs of your virtual reality application development.

Today, thanks to new technologies, Virtual Reality can be easily integrated into your business. The particularly active virtual reality is used in teaching, medicine, architecture, military, as well as in the gaming industry. The virtual reality market is projected to reach $30 billion by 2020. While tech giants and gaming power houses may very well dominate the field, startups by the score will no doubt seize their fair share of market revenue. However, before sales, before marketing, before development must come the question: How much does virtual reality development cost?


  • Project documentation for VR app development: $700-$3,400, 3-10 days
  • VR/AR development rates: $25-50 per hour
  • VR application development: $5 000 – $300 000, 3 to 24 months or more.
  • Post production maintenance:  $25-50 per hour after the warranty period.


Want to know how much does a VR app cost?

Virtual reality applications are developed for several platforms like Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This slightly affects the development time – VR applications are built with Unity3D – a cross-platform engine that allows to adjust any app for any platform in just some hours.


Virtual and augmented reality development rates

The development agency will probably let you choose between two pricing methods: fixed price and time and material. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you choose the one that suits your particular case most:

Fixed price is preferred when you have a limited budget and strict deadlines. For a successful VR development with fixed price, you have to provide a detailed project documentation.

If you put the flexibility on the first place it is better to choose the time and material pricing method. The customer will then be able to modify the project on the go, add some new features or change the existing ones. That is why the communication between the customer and the developer agency is essential to make such a product successful, especially if you are developing virtual reality applications. Time and material pricing method allows to achieve the highest quality of the app.

Every change during the development process might result in some additional hours or even days of coding, that will be paid according to the current rates of the company.

Rates for VR application development differ according:

  • Simplest game for VR/AR – $5 000 – $8 000;
  • Online shop in virtual or augmented reality – $15 000 – $25 000;
  • Horror game – $20 000 – $80 000;
  • 3Ds Max in VR – $50 000 – $200 000;
  • MMORPG – from $100 000


Development is an amazing process that starts with a great idea and involves the most creative minds and highest technical skills to turn it into a reality.
Choosing the right vendor is probably the most important business decision to make, and it is extremely important to find a gamedev studio that you really trust and have complete confidence in.


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