Take your restaurant to the next level.

Stand out amongst

People hate being stuck on the phone. Give
customers exactly what they want with a
beautiful website and mobile application
that makes ordering a breeze. Show customers
you are different and make their experience
with your restaurant great from the start.

Customers love
an app.

Customers spend over 85% of their time on
their mobile within native apps. Build a
stunning app and gain engagement that
just isn't possible with a mobile website.
Put your restaurant into their pocket and
make ordering seamless.

Easily notify your

Any customer that orders through your app is
going to be a valuable customer. Create a
direct line of contact with customers that
love your food through push notifications
and email vouchers. Notify your most most regular
customers of specials in seconds and easily
increase sales within slow periods.

Advantages of a
custom app.

Make tracking an order easy.

Customers hate being kept out of the loop.
Let them easily track their order right to the
door and make the ordering experience
seamless. Give customers real-time order
tracking and gain loyalty.

Make customising an order a breeze.

Every customer is different. Make it easy to
customise menu items when ordering and
make every customer a happy customer.

Make reservations easy.

Easily allow customers to place their perfect
reservation at the tap of a button from the
layout of your restaurant. Make it easy to
see what's available and keep track of

Showcase your resturant
in beautiful 3D.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a
virtual experience is worth a million. There
can ultimately be no better way to convince
someone than by showing them. Let customers
see your amazing restaurant with a 3D walk -
through and impress them before they even
walk through the door.

Utilise the power
of Facebook.

Most people use Facebook. Make it easy
to place an order without even having to
leave the app by creating a seamless
chatbot for your restaurant. Make placing
an order as quick as sending a message
to your Facebook page and be available
everywhere your customers are.

Automate orders with
a kiosk.

Customers hate having to wait. Don't lose
sales just because the line to order is too large.
Implement a Self Service Kiosk into your store
and make it easy to always place an order. Never
have to overcompensate with staff again and
follow the lead of hospitality leaders with a
beautiful Self Service kiosk.

Build your own
management system.

Streamline your processes.

Make managing your restaurant easy from
anywhere. Easily see your restaurant's
activity in real-time and get a better
overview with the data points that matter
most all seamlessly integrated.

Conveniently organize staff rosters.

Make the tedious process of making staff
rosters easy. Simply tap the shifts a staff
member will be working and automatically
notify each staff member individually.

Place a reservation in seconds.

Make recording a reservation fast by easily
tapping a customer's perfect table. Never
have to worry about losing a reservation
again by seamlessly connecting with the
cloud and focus completely on giving a
customer the best service.

Make the most out
of your data.

Get ahead of the competition by gaining
invaluable insight from your sales with data
visualisation. Easily track employee performance,
discover your best selling products, and get real
insight into how your stores are performing with
a comprehensive restaurant management system.
Using historical analysis with sales data, make
predicating peak and off-peak hours easier
so you can always have the right amount
of staff.

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