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Keep pace with technology, use Responsive Web Design

Technological obsolescence is the mother of invention – this is today’s slogan and is best illustrated with the advent of Responsive Web Design technology that is the way to the future of web design. The services of Versatile Techno will help you to have a single website version for all media applications including the mobile devices by using the latest Responsive Web Design technology that enhances web viewing experience. It is like one size fits all concepts. Your website can be viewed on PCs.

This advanced user interface is independent of the devices and can provide optimized website viewing experience on devices with different resolutions and different widths. The style sheets of the web sites are coded in a manner that allows automatic adjustment of the layout to suit the screen size of the browser or device in which it is being displayed.

Laptops, notebooks and also mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, smartphone and tablet. No need to maintain separate web sites for various devices as it used to be.

Cost effectiveness

We can make this technology affordable for you without spending too much. Well, not by compromising on the quality but by providing tailor made services to suit your need. We can modify your existing website to make it responsive and of course, get a new website done if you wish using the new technology. Is it for all?

A small piece of advice that can be useful before you decide to use this technology. Do not be carried away by the attraction of new technology. Justify your requirement by analyzing the audience of your website. If your product is targeted at some specific age group that uses the mobile devices, then definitely you will have to implement this to gain its advantage. Else, you can stick to your existing website that is computer friendly. Have a single website for all devices. We are highly equipped to make your website accessible on all devices. Call on us for a Responsive Web Design Quote and see the difference that we make.

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