Logistics Redefined.

Build high-quality logistics software for your business.

Why build custom logistics

Logistics are one of the most important parts of business.
Not having an efficient system can lead to huge amounts
of money being lost. In the digital age, there is no excuse
for not having a digital operations management system
that makes things easier. There has been an explosion of
start-ups such as Uber Rush, Foodora and Postmates
that exist entirely to make logistics easier. Let us help
you build a world-class solution that helps operations
run seamlessly.

Make managing your
fleet simple.

Always be in the know with an easy to use Fleet
Management System. Effortlessly check exactly
where your fleet of vehicles are heading in real
time. Maximise your efficiency by implementing
software that makes sure you deliver your produces
to customers based on the most efficient route
every time.

Automate your fulfilment

Customers hate being out of the loop. Automate your
fulfilment process from shopping cart to customer's
door and keep customers informed the entire way.
Make it easy to track orders and better convert traffic
into revenue.

Speed up sales with
a point of sale system.

Customers hate having to wait. Don't let an
off-the-shelve POS slow you down. Build your
own custom POS system and have it perfectly
optimised to your business. Never comprise
on critical features again and make a sale as
quick as possible.

Advantages of a custom
point of sale system.

Close a sale fast and delight your customer

Free yourself from being chained to a fixed
POS system and accept payments anywhere
simply from a tablet or smartphone.

Fully integrate and automate your stock control

Manually keeping track of inventory can be
impossible. Completely automate your stock
control by bringing it all into one place in the cloud.
Never have inaccurate data again and easily
check on your stock levels in real time as soon
as a sale is made.

Be ready for wherever your business takes you

Whether you have one store or one hundred, be
ready for anything with a completely scalable
POS system. Easily make changes and be ready
for however you grow.

Make the most of
sales data.

Get ahead of the competition by gaining invaluable
insight from your sales with data visualisation. Easily
track employee performance, discover your best
selling products, and get real insight into how your
stores are performing with a built-in management
system. Utilise real data and never have to only run
of intuition again.

Make your smartphone
the only scanner you need.

Having to buy and maintain unnecessary hardware
sucks. Turn your smartphone into a scanner with an
app that is integrated with a RFID system or QR code.
Make managing anything from warehouse stock to
library books easy and build a beautiful scanner app
that makes your logistics scanning just work.

Get paid faster with
automated invoicing.

The time it takes to have to write and send an
invoice is time you aren't being paid. Build an
application that has your product catalogue,
services and that keeps track of your hours
on a job. When it's time to invoice your client,
everything's there and all you have to do is
press send.

Make quotation
faster with an app.

Quotation is quicker when you can provide
customers with pricing on the go. Having
an app that has your product catalogue and
services means you can generate quotes in
an instant.

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We understand you may have concerns about sharing the details
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several measures to protect them. Firstly, we will sign a
nondisclosure agreement. Secondly, we implement a process
of encrypting your data and storing it on separate cloud
servers with restricted access. All of the paperwork is
destroyed before disposal. Lastly, we have developed a
reputation for being one of the best in the market and reputation
is something we won't ever put in any kind of risk.