Your App. Center Stage.

Have attendees connect with your event like never before.

Don't leave patrons in the lurch.

People hate being out of the loop. Reach your audience with an app for your event.

Easily display set times

Let patrons easily see set times
from the palm of their hand.
If a time changes, send a push

Allow patrons to easily plan

Patrons can effortlessly add their
favourite artists to their planner.
Make missing a performance a
thing of the past.

Digitalise your processes.

Paper sucks and gets lost.
Make sorting through it a thing
of the past. Bring your event
management into the digital age.

Create a hub for your

Make getting around easy

Help guests find their way around by having an event
map built into your app.

Give artists a profile

Let patrons find out more behind the people performing.
Embrace their music by integrating with Spotify.

Deeply integrate.

Facebook is already a huge part of event marketing.
Integrate Facebook into your app and allow patrons to
easily connect.

Want to create a
ticketless solution ?

Everyone hates having to carry around
paper. Rid customers of having to
manually print out tickets and
make sorting through documents a
thing of the past. Embrace the digital
future and build lasting loyalty.

Start your journey

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your concept and vision.

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You're in safe hands.

We understand you may have concerns about sharing the details
of your ideas. To keep your ideas safe, we have implemented
several measures to protect them. Firstly, we will sign a
nondisclosure agreement. Secondly, we implement a process
of encrypting your data and storing it on separate cloud
servers with restricted access. All of the paperwork is
destroyed before disposal. Lastly, we have developed a
reputation for being one of the best in the market and reputation
is something we won't ever put in any kind of risk.